Website Maintenance

Website maintenance services are an essential ingredient for engaging and retaining customers. They are organized by separate tasks: Annual, Monthly, and Weekly tasks.

We provide website maintenance services such as

  • Backup scheduling
  • Extensions and plugin updates
  • 24 hr support
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website uptime monitoring
  • Resolution of errors and bugs
  • Content updates
  • Layout /design changes
  • Website security – SSL security, Malware Checks,Hack proofing, security monitoring e.t.c
  • Repairing broken links and minor bugs
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Google My Business
  • Consulting on website-specific changes
Benefits of website Maintenance
  • Regular maintenance will keep your site working smoothly 24*7
    Your website is the digital face of your company. It needs to be working properly all the time. Hence, website maintenance on a regular basis is highly important. It is an essential part of keeping your website working properly. If you don’t care to maintain as well as update your site on a regular basis, your visitors may not trust you and you may lose potential customers.
  • Helps you attract new visitors
    Website maintenance service will help you keep your site updated with new and fresh content. This in turn will help you drive new traffic to your site.
  • Fresh content can boost your search engine rankings
    Did you know that the search engine algorithms love new, fresh content? If you update your website with fresh, new content on a regular basis, your website’s search engine rankings will improve and as a result of it your site will get more visitors.
  • Keeping website updated can satisfy existing customers
    Keeping site updated with fresh, original content can help you satisfy your existing customers. Your existing customers will view as well as share your new content in case they like it and this will help you make your business more popular. But if you go through a long period of time without posting new content, people will assume that you don’t have anything to say and they might stop coming back to your site.
  • Keeping site maintained can bring you more credible links
    By keeping site maintained and updated, it will be easier for you to get other sites to link to your site. Getting links from other websites is one of the great ways to find new visitors, and it also helps to boost the credibility of your site. Credible links are very important for SEO of your website. If you want to boost the ranking of your website, you need to have credible links.